1. “Trumpet Voluntary" - Clarke

2. "Besame Mucho” –Velazquez

3. “Somewhere in Time” – John Barry

4. “Spanish Eyes” – Bert Kaempfert


1. “River Flows In You” – Yiruma

2. “Only Time” – Enya

3. “Meditation on Thais” – Massenet

4. “The Swan” – Saint Saens


1. “The Blower’s Daughter” – Damien Rice

2. “I Believe” - Drake


1. “Time to Say Good-bye” (Con Ti Partido) - Sartori

2. “All I Ask”  - Andrew Lloyd Weber

3. “The Prayer” - David Foster

  • Canon in D5:40

Make Your Wedding Memorable
A personal message from Roseann Canfora . . .

Ask any friend or family member about a wedding they’ve attended recently, and they aren’t likely to remember as many details

about the flowers, the table decorations, the wedding favors or even the wedding dress, as they are to remember details of the things that affect them personally—the food and the music.  It never ceases to amaze me how many of my brides call me after the wedding (even from their honeymoons) to tell me how many of their guests commented after the wedding about the music, or who sent thank you messages to the bride for providing such beautiful music for them.

Don’t just Select Music--Create Moods for Every Moment!

 Listen Live to Select the Right Instruments

It's absolutely necessary to see and hear your musicians before you book them, but until you have a chance to hear us play at an actual wedding or at one of our upcoming bridal events, hearing a recorded version of the different options available is a good start, although it pales in comparison to hearing us live!

Listen not only to the samples selected from our song list, but also to the mood created by the different instruments and the combination of those instruments.  Both the Harp with Flute and the Harp with Violin are beautiful Duo’s, but adding both instruments in the Celestial Strings Trio gives you the “best of both worlds,” and significantly enhances the depth, breadth and variety of sound, as the two melody instruments harmonize and accent one another:

For comparison: Listen to the Celestial Strings 
Quartet, then Trio, then Duos, Then Quartet

1. Quartet with Harp, Violin, Flute, Cello
2. Trio with Harp, Violin & Flute
3. Duo with Harp & Violin
4.  back to the Quartet