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Client Testimonials & Reviews 


My wedding was on the lake in Vermilion and I will never forget how I felt when the beautiful sounds of the harp and violin drifted across the lawn and onto the veranda  where I was waiting.

After all the time I spent planning for my wedding day, the sounds of the Celesttial Strings trio in the distance, setting the perfect mood for my guests, had created a special moment for me that I could never have planned. 
Immediately, I relaxed and the romantic selections we chose together completely prepared me for the most memorable walk of my life.

Thank you, Roseann for setting the most elegant and romantic mood for my wedding day.  Even before I sent out my thank you notes, I received several notes from my guests commenting on the beautiful music at my wedding!

Roseann was creative and helpful from the first moment we began the planning.  Never once did I ever worry about the music for my ceremony or reception.  For her, it was never just about the music.  It was always about the moment and what she could do to create the right mood for that moment.  

Her caring, knowledgeable personalized service made my wedding day the most magical moment of my life.        --JJ HOWSER


I am a worrier and the one thing I found comfort in, and did not spend any time worrying over, was the music that Roseann provided for our August 1st wedding!  We received so many compliments on how beautiful the music for our ceremony was and how well it fit each aspect of our special day.  Roseann was wonderful and really gave her thoughts on the selections that we were thinking of and even gave her own suggestions.  The icing on the cake for me was Roseann telling me that the one thing I would not need to worry about was the music and that I could call her any time day or night with any questions, needs, or changes!  She even helped me edit my program!  Thank you so much Roseann!  -  Kerri Luckner


The music that Roseann provided for my daughter's October 2009 wedding was perfect. She is very professional and suggested appropriate choices for the service. This was one part of the wedding I never worried about and can not thank her enough. - Joy Ianiro 


I'm one of those people that doesn't have an especially good ear for music.  My husband and I did not have any specific pieces of music that we wanted to hear, and were both really stressed about this part of our wedding planning- -that is, until we met  Roseann! 

She went over our wedding ceremony itinerary and made recommendations based upon our personalized ceremony - she treated my wedding like it was her own, and everything turned out beautifully.  We are still receiving compliments about how wonderful the live music during our ceremony and cocktail hour was!  Roseann is very patient and understanding - she is wonderful at what she does.  She made our special day even more magical than we could have imagined.       Jessie Arslanian


Celestial Strings complimented the romantic and charming setting of our ceremony in every way.  The music was powerful and emotional, but not too loud or overpowering.  It carried throughout the gardens of Stan Hywet Hall and upon hearing it, only made us that much more excited our moment had finally come. The music carried over beautifully into our wedding video so we are able to enjoy several of the pieces that were played every time we watch it!

I was especially appreciative at the suggestions Roseann made for different pieces of music before, during and following the ceremony; not having much experience with classical music, I was happy to have an expert on our side to ensure the most beautiful (and appropriate) songs were played.  In the last few weeks before your wedding, the last thing a bride needs to worry about is if she chose the right song for each moment.  With Roseann, this wasn't even a concern in my mind, as she made several wonderful recommendations and personally advised me with each selection.  She was more than accommodating with making herself available for questions or concerns, and promptly returned every phone call and email (don't we wish all vendors could be like that?!).

At the cocktail hour of our wedding reception the music provided by the Celestial Strings trio only complimented all of the countless details we spent nearly a year planning.  Their song selections danced through the room, entertaining our guests and setting the mood for the rest of the evening's festivities.   Celestial Strings was among the best vendors we booked for our wedding, and would be our top recommendation for anyone looking for a string ensemble. 

Thank you again for everything, your music truly helped to make our day more than we even could hope it would be!  -  Jessica Meyers


I cannot speak highly enough about Roseann Canfora. I was blessed to find her on the internet during the short engagement period I had to plan for my small but intimate wedding. 
I was delighted to discover that she was available to play at my Sunday wedding. During our very first conversation I felt like I had known her for years. I could ascertain immediately that Roseann truly serves the bride and groom to meet their expectations for their special day. As our correspondence continued over the following months I found her to be completely accessible and, as I said, she serves!! She returns phone calls and emails very, very promptly and, above all, I sincerely felt my wedding was as important to her as it was to me. Thanks to Roseann, the planning of my wedding went very smoothly and I was able to have peace and enjoy my wedding day.
Our day was so lovely and Roseann's harp playing along with the flute and cello created such an exquisite atmosphere in the rose garden where we were married. It was totally organic and no microphones or sound system were needed for the trio. The music was enchanting and completely intoxicating. I secretly wished I could've hid along the crowd and listened to the entire prelude of Celestial String's music! I am glad I have my wedding video to revisit that special day and the beautiful music time and time again. 
My deepest gratitude goes to Roseann for helping to create such a romantic and elegant mood as well as keep me sane during the planning. If you have found this website your search for an exceptional harpist is over! 
--Jessica Allegretto


Roseann Canfora performs each year for our special Christmas Eve service at the First Congregational Church of Tallmadge where I am the Director of Music/Organist.  Each year she delights the congregation with her beautiful music.  She always chooses the most appropriate music for the service and in doing so, makes the service a memorable one for the congregation.  I would highly recommend Roseann for worship services, weddings, any occasion where harp could be used. I have enjoyed working with her every year. 

- - Nancy Robinson